A working title…

Not much progress so far other than the working title:  The 7th Strike.  If you’ve read the ABOUT ME, you know that this was used for an earlier non-publishable work.  No relation whatsoever, I just like to have a title before I get started and this one was a bit intriguing.  Titles are very important and a certain amount of thought should go into it, so this one will probably change.  But my mind is working on the possibilities of making The 7th Strike relevant to this story.  If it doesn’t happen, then nothing lost.  Will just postpone the pain of picking a suitable title later.

Otherwise, just letting the ideas simmer for a while.  They are coming, which is a very welcome surprise in itself, but I like to have my hook before I start the actual outlining process.  I have the hook toward the end, and I think I have an idea for the first quarter hook.  I just have to connect the dots.

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